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King Tuff - Black Moon Spell

"Black Moon Spell" from King Tuff’s 9/23/14 album, Black Moon Spell


#tbt: Hoppípolla — Sigur Rós

Perhaps Sigur Rós’ most commercially successful song, “Hoppípolla” (Icelandic “hopping into puddles”), is an ethereal and happy-feelings song. It was released back in 2005 on their album Takk (Icelandic “thanks”). Its slow, melancholic but soothing sounds flow smoothly, caressing your ears and telling you it’ll all be okay. Like most of Sigur Rós’ songs, this one will pluck your heartstrings and have you mesmerized.

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Shannon and the Clams

—I Don't Want To Be In a Cult No More


I Don’t Want To Be In a Cult No More - Shannon and the Clams

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This song, Half-Crazy, could be described as the tenacious offspring of the North African desert music of Mali/Morocco and the sweat and electricity of the Chicago and Mississippi Delta blues. That music is like a stem-cell, really open to going in many directions. On this track, we wired the harp through a dirty little amplifier. I played my early 40’s Oahu lap-steel. Andrew uses a loping high-hat feel, and the electric bass pushes the whole thing. The lyrics got a nudge from our friend Nathan Moore—we’re all half-crazy, half clear as a bell.

Ballet School



"Cherish" by Ballet School


VOTD: Vance Joy, “First Time”

I’m a relatively new Vance Joy supporter, but after watching his video for “First Time,” I’m 100% hooked on this Aussie gentleman. The song is catchy, his voice is incredible, and I have to say he’s not too bad looking. To be blunt, there’s a lot of sex in the video. As engaging as that is, the video and song are really about heartbreak. It’s almost a spin on Sheryl Crow’s “The First Cut Is The Deepest,” except Vance Joy moves far away from her country sound and he is reminiscing on the pleasant times as well as the glum ones. He’s already captured the attention of the UK in a huge way, so let’s hope America gets on board soon.

-Emily Hirsch

See Vance Joy on Saturday, October 25 at 9:30 Club!


alt-J - Left Hand Free

Directed by Ryan Staake, from the forthcoming album ‘This Is All Yours’.

'Hate Me' Blue October